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The Genesis Project might be called a philosophical novel.  It poses an interesting conundrum:  if God came to earth in the body of a normal human being, would anyone take him seriously, especially if he weren't able to prove who he was even by supernatural means?  It also questions the  nature of reality and throws a new light on the interpretation of certain religious traditions.

The Story Line

Elik Mangor is a science researcher at a leading university.  He convinces his school to back him in a major project - that of creating a virtual universe within a supercomputer.  He even wants his universe to create life forms, including a human species as nearly like themselves as possible.

He has a large team of experts behind him, including his life partner, a beautiful and talented fellow researcher named Misasha, who will be responsible for programming the evolution and behavior of any virtual humans.

But Elik has problems. He must meet certain benchmarks to keep his funding.  He also has a competitor.  A fellow researcher named Gothamar Konza has been assigned to create a parallel universe in another large computer using separately developed computer code.  But Gothamar is super-competitive and jealous of Elik.  He plots to sabotage Elik's universe.

When virtual humans do evolve, they soon become a major problem to themselves as well as to Elik and his team.  To save his project, Elik decides to enter the simulation himself by way of an avatar, and try to convince his virtual beings they must solve their own problems if they are to continue to exist.  Otherwise, Elik may be forced to shut down his program, causing his whole creation and all its inhabitants to vanish in an instant.

But his appearance in the simulation causes a revolt when many of his virtual subjects refuse to accept the credibility of this stranger who claims to be their creator.  Violence erupts, requiring drastic intervention.

Can Elik convince the leaders of this virtual planet to follow the radical series of steps he proposes to save their own kind from certain destruction?  Think of this from our own perspective.  Would we be willing to take radical steps if an entity claiming to be God came before us with such a proposal.


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eBook Versions

ISBN For Kindle: 978-1-884162-23-7

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6X9" 370 pages,
  ISBN: 1-978-1884162-18-6

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