Dangerous Affairs

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Dangerous Affairs
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Dangerous Affairs is a work of historical fiction inspired by the true story of a pair of young children who were kidnapped by their father from his estranged wife in 1912 and spirited aboard the Titanic, heading for a new life in America.

Startling with that idea, I created a fictionalized background for this story which embellishes the few known facts, giving them life. By imagining the lives, loves and emotions of the main characters, I hope to have established rationale for their behaviors that affect them so profoundly.

This story is not about the Titanic, but no tale set on that great ship can be told without involving the ship and its crew to some extent. So, I have melded into the story certain facts about the ship and its voyage, including actual names of certain crew members and passengers who I enlist to give interest and fullness to the account.

But here's a disclaimer: while nominally rooted in history, this account is fictitious and purely for entertainment. It should not be used to embellish real history or known facts about people, places, things or events.

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